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Ikb edtudes 15

Études and Smiling Sun

The Smiling Sun was created in 1975 in Denmark. Within a few years the logo was translated from Danish into over 50 languages and rapidly became the most common symbol in the anti-nuclear power movement worldwide.
The Chernobyl nuclear melt down in 1986 caused a massive set back for the nuclear industry but as the industry promoted a come back for nuclear power the anti-nuclear campaign also gained momentum again, fuelled by the growing issue of climate change.
But it was the 2011 Fukushima catastrophe in Japan that gave the campaign a remarkable push and convinced countries like Germany to follow the Smiling Sun’s message and to shut down all its nuclear power plants.
Études collaborates with the founders of the Smiling Sun using their logo as patches and prints on denim, caps, T-shirts, and sweatshirts for Études’ latest capsule-collection.
A collection celebrating the anti-nuclear movement that embodies the new generation’s environmental consciousness.

1702 etudes n11 e10ss04 1376 crop
Ombre Smiling Sun
1702 etudes n11 e10ss03 3041 crop
Guest Smiling Sun
1702 etudes n11 e10ss03 3064
Still Smiling Sun
1702 etudes n11 e10ss05 3028 crop
Page Smiling Sun
1702 etudes n11 e10ss06 1398 crop
Desert Smiling Sun
1702 etudes n11 e10ss02 1321 crop
Etoile Hood Smiling Sun
Tote bag
October Smiling Sun
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