N°7 - Mohamed Bourouissa

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Images by Mohamed Bourouissa in collaboration with Al (FR)
Text by Magali Jauffret
Edited and designed by Études Studio
Published by Études Books and kamel mennour, Paris
Image post production by Janvier.

First edition, 1000 copies
January 2014, Printed in EU
© 2014, Etudes Books and kamel mennour for this edition
© 2014, Mohamed Bourouissa for the images with the courtesy of kamel mennour, Paris.

140 pages full colour offset
24 x33 cm / 9,5’’x13’’,
White cover with embossing on front, spine and back
Language: English / French
Publication date: Januray 2014

ISBN 978-2-36962-001-3

Distribution: Études Books & les presses du réel
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